Better Bedding, Better Living

We shaped Bed & Beauty as our passion for beauty and wellness thrived and inspired us to share it with people around. We envision to evolve the way people sleep by seamlessly delivering finest quality bedding while maintaining our uncompromising principles.

Growing up, our conversations widely revolved around beauty and overall well-being. No matter where we were, be it our homes or a holiday together, we noticed that a well-rested sleep had the power to kick start our mornings and how better sheets helped us sleep better. Moving out is buying your own sheets, which made us realise that finding those perfect sheets is an uphill battle. We outset not just to make those beautiful linens easily accessible but also to create an all-encompassing community around sleep, wellness & sustainable lifestyle.

A World of Goodness

Our soulful approach to offer a collection of luxury bedding essentials with an emphasis on craftsmanship and high-quality materials, focuses not just on offering top-notch service to our customers, but also in giving back to our planet and global communities to help live a more functional and comfortable life.

Our designs are crafted with a warm, inviting minimalism, mindful of our Indian-modern lifestyles.

Lifestyle With a Sense Of Purpose

Our products are for those who seek a sense of purpose with the things they acquire. Bed & Beauty isn't just about threads, it’s a blend of nature, wellness & luxury weaved into beautiful fabrics that you could peacefully rest in. Being mindful of our impact on our planet, we plowed deeper and chose the finest of the fabrics not best just for you but also our environment.

With every step we take, we endeavor to make you sleep better, dream bigger and our planet a better place to live in.

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